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Whether it’s thousands of solar panels arrayed across the desert, or four panels on a roof, they all need to be fastened down securely. Strut and channel fittings; mounting hardware; stainless steel fasteners; wire management; grounding fasteners; clips and more...

We have a whole division devoted to everything an EPC contractor needs to create a working, sturdy and stable solar system.

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Southwest Fastener Lights Up Las Vegas with Large Solar Project

One of the largest solar plants in North America located approximately 40 miles south of Las Vegas; the El Dorado project produces 58 megawatts of current. This is enough clean energy to serve 20,000 average homes and displaces 35,000 metric tons of CO2.

Southwest Fastener supplied all of the Unistrut channel, fittings, spring nuts, threaded bolts, and more... for this project.

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